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Ride Journal v1.1.4

The next update to Ride Journal is almost ready to be submitted to the Windows store. Unlike the last few updates that mainly concentrated on bug fixes, this version contains two new features as requested by users.

Merging Journal Entries

The first new feature is the ability to merge multiple journal entries together to create one new entry that you could then upload as one single ride to Strava for instance. This is useful for those days where you go for a nice long ride, stop off for coffee or lunch somewhere, stop the app recording and then start a completely new recording when you head home.

The following screen shots show the feature in action:


There are a couple of caveats with this feature:

  • The recordings have to be the same type i.e. either GPS or Turbo Trainer
  • The recordings have to have been made on the same day

Once the recordings have been merged, a new entry will appear in the list with the same date and time as the first recording, albeit with “merged” displayed so you can distinguish the new entry from the original. The original recordings will not be deleted automatically, these are kept in case anything goes wrong with the merge. Of course, once you’re happy that the merge has been successful, you can delete the original recordings yourself.

Customise Display Stat Size

This one has been on my todo list for a long time and after a user requested it again a couple of weeks ago I thought that I should finally get around to doing it!

There are now three new sizes to choose from; small, medium and large, with small being the same size as in the previous version, which you can change from the “Display” section within “Settings” as below:


The following screenshots show the effect of each setting on the map stats:


And the following screenshots show the effect of each setting on the training stats:


Another small change that you may have noticed here with the Heart Rate stat is that the background colour now shows your current heart rate zone (as configured within settings). Previously the text colour changed to reflect your zone, however I didn’t feel this was clear enough, hence the change.

As always, if you have any suggestions for new features or you’ve encountered any bugs then you can submit them to the support site.

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