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PSP Go disappoints (to me anyway…)

pspgo When the PSP was announced 4 years ago I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one and when I did pick one up I was really impressed with it. It was far from perfect, but it had a fairly decent selection of games and a reasonable control scheme for a handheld.

Fast forward 4 years and rumours of a PSP 2 have been around for ages with many people including myself hoping that they would fix the deficiencies in the first gen device, in particular I was hoping they’d:

  • Sort out the D-pad: for a lot of games it works fine, but for things like Streetfighter it’s awful, you need a D-pad that can easily be rocked into the corner quadrants.
  • 2nd analogue stick: FPS games that have come out for the PSP have made the most of the controls, but a 2nd analogue stick would be killer.
  • Ditch the UMD format: OK, they got this one right, UMD’s were/are a pain in the backside, I used to rip my games and play them from the memory stick.
  • Ditch the memory stick format: I’m sure I read recently that Sony are starting to use MicroSD cards, why they can’t do this on the PSP baffles me.
  • Price: £214 seriously! If you want to compete with the DS you’ve got to have a lower price point, no matter how good the device is, parents will always look at the lower priced option.
  • Games: the last time I purchased a game for my PSP was probably 18 months or more ago, there’s just not enough quality or original games coming out for the platform. Name me the truly original, first class games for the PSP… I can only think of a handful, the rest are all ports of PS2 games.

I like the idea of the digital distribution of content, I think the iPhone app store has shown everyone how effective it can be, my only concern is Sony’s track record with their dodgy software.

Overall I don’t think I’ll be purchasing a PSP Go, my current PSP sits in the cupboard and doesn’t get much use as it is and the new device just doesn’t offer me the features I was looking for.

When you think about it, all Sony have really given us is a slimmed down version of the PSP and one that can’t even play the existing UMD games!

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