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Making your own steering wheel rack for the XBOX 360

The finished article Just before Christmas I was a little bored one day and was itching to do something when I remembered a little project I was thinking of doing. Back in 2007 when Forza 2 came out on the XBOX I picked up a Logitech steering wheel but I never could use it properly as I didn't have anywhere to fix it to.

Not so long ago I came across the Fanatec steering wheel rack, which seemed perfect but at £80+ for something I wouldn't use that often it seemed a bit steep. Looking at the basic design I thought I could replicate that with some wood I had lying around. All it needed was a board for the base, a batten for the column and another board to mount the steering wheel to.

I went to the shed and found all the bits I needed, I did think I had a couple of hinges I could use to be able to fold the rack but couldn't find those. Armed with supplies I then proceeded to measure everything to get the right height, this involved sitting on the sofa in front of the TV, holding the steering wheel at what I thought was the right level and then attempting to measure, all very scientific!

I then started cutting the base and column to size, once that was done I was able to better gauge whether I had the right height, which luckily it appeared I did. I then cut the board that the steering wheel would mount to, I made this slightly wider than the wheel and long enough so that it overhung the column equally both ways.

The beginnings Cutting the top board Fixing the top board First version

Once all assembled I was able to test it properly, the steering wheel was attached, the foot pedals put in place and all was connected to the XBOX and Forza was fired up. The rack worked well, but the foot pedal was a bit loose, so I added in a couple of blocks of wood to stop it moving backwards when you pressed down.

Slight adjustments All finished

With these in place the rack worked really well, I was able to sit back comfortably on the sofa and drive like I was sitting in a real car.

Obviously when the kids saw what I had done they wanted to have a go, which was fine except everything was sized for me so they had to stretch a bit to use it. This is where something like the Fanatec rack would prove useful as it's quickly adjustable.

Overall I've been really pleased with the rack, sure it's not pretty, but it does the job and I've got some ideas about how I can improve it, most notably being able to fold it up so it's easier to store, but otherwise it's been the ideal complement to the steering wheel and made me appreciate just how uncompromising Forza 2 is all over again!

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