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Creating custom recorded TV views in SageTV

SageTV version 7 added the ability to customise the existing 4 recordings views as well as configure up to 4 additional views, while this is covered in the SageTV manual (page 41), it’s not immediately obvious how powerful this feature really is.

Before we discuss customising the recordings views though, we’re going to create some custom user categories, which is also a new feature in version 7, so firstly navigate to your favourites: TV –> Schedule recordings –> Manage favourites, choose one of the favourites to edit and then navigate to the 'User defined categories' column and select ok.

Set User CategoriesSelected user category

From this screen, you can add a new category, you just need to give it a name that’s useful to you, in the screenshot above I’ve already created 3 user categories: Helen, Kids and Paul. Once you’ve created a user category you can assign it to a favourite (in the screenshot above the category ‘Helen’ is assigned to the favourite ‘The Vampire Diaries’), when you’ve assigned categories to the selected favourite, just select 'Done' and from now on all recordings of the favourite will be assigned your chosen user category. If you wish, you can then edit your other favourites and assign some custom user categories to those as well.

You can also assign user categories to existing recordings, just navigate to the recording you want to update, bring up its options menu and choose the 'Edit user categories' option as in the screenshot below, you'll then be asked if you want to edit the categories for the current recording or the favourite, in this case, choose recording and you'll be presented with the same 'Set user categories' screen that you've seen before.

Editing user categories on an existing recording

Now that we’ve configured the user categories, it’s time to start customising the recordings views, so navigate to one of your existing recordings views, such as ‘All recordings’ and bring up the options menu, either using the options button on the remote or by pressing Ctrl-O if using the keyboard. When the options menu appears, choose the 'Menu options' item, this will bring up the following menu:

Updating the number of views

On this menu is an option called 'Number of Views', by default this will be set to 4, go ahead and change this to a number greater than 4, but no more than 8 (in the screenshot, I've already got mine set to 8). Once done, close the menu and then bring up the options menu again, this time as well as the 4 default recording views, you will have 4 additional ones labelled 'Recording View 5' to 'Recording View 8' (again, I've already configured mine so the screenshot isn't exactly what you'll see).

Switching to your new view

Go ahead and select one of the new recordings views, if you’re currently in the 'All Recordings' view then it's unlikely you'll see any changes, except maybe the sorting of the recordings. Now this view is active, you can start to customise it, with the first thing you'll probably want to do is to rename it, which you can do by choosing the 'Menu options' item from the options menu. This will bring up the same menu we saw earlier when increasing the number of views. From here, you can select the menu item 'Rename the ‘Recording View X’ view' and then enter a meaningful name for your view, such as 'Kids Shows'.

Now that you've got a custom view, it's time to start filtering what's displayed in the view, so bring up the options menu again and choose the 'Filtering' item, which will present you with the screen below left (note: all of these screenshots are with the Diamond UI Mod installed, which presents a few more options than the standard UI, so don't worry if things aren't exactly the same). At the moment we're interested in the categories, so choose that option and you'll be presented with the screen below right, showing all of the categories available as well as all of the user categories you created earlier.

Filtering optionsFiltering categories

For this example I'm going to choose the 'Kids' user category and then back out of these screens, choosing 'Done' and then 'Close' to bring me back to my custom view, which should have updated itself to only display recordings that are in the 'Kids' category as per the screenshot below.

The filtered view

I could then go on to further customise this view by filtering out watched recordings for instance or changing the sort order to show the latest recordings first. It's worth noting as well that each view will maintain it's own settings, so setting the filtering and sorting options for one view will not affect any of the other views, which is extremely handy if individuals in your family prefer different sort orders etc.

This is really just a taster of what can be done, but hopefully, with the above information you're beginning to realise just how powerful the user categories and custom views can be. In my setup I’ve now got views setup specifically for me, my partner and one for the kids, which means I'm no longer getting nagged about where the better half's recordings are ;-)